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Response by the author to my blogpost on Barry W. Bussey’s dissertation ‘The Legal Revolution Against the Accommodation of Religion’

Read the response here: The Revolution or the Counter-Revolution?

In his response, Dr. Bussey writes that ‘Prof. ten Napel’s conclusion is somewhat bleaker than my own, in that he believes “this revolution [against religion] has already taken place in America” and is now being met with a “conservative counter-revolution”. He cites Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet, who claims that the “culture wars are over and [the left] won”.’

In certain respects, however, Dr. Bussey’s conclusion is somewhat bleaker than my own, in that in my book Constitutionalism, Democracy and Religious Freedom. To Be Fully Human I conclude ‘that, although at first sight the various high court rulings seem to suggest otherwise, the cup of religious freedom is indeed gradually becoming half empty rather than half full.’ (p. 7) Thus, we only find ourselves In Medias Res, to quote the title of Chapter 1, and not faced with a revolution that is in full swing. Moreover, as I add in the blog post, a counter-revolution is already underway.

In any case, I look forward to any further dialogue on the revolution against religion as well.

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