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Guest Lecture on “Religion and the Public Realm” at Studium Generale Wageningen (2017)

On 18 April 2017, I gave a guest lecture at Wageningen University & Research on “Religion and the Public Realm.”

The description of the lecture read as follows:

“Where does ‘private’ end and ‘public’ begin when it comes to religion? To explore this, we look at how states’ approaches to secularization have been shaped. Is there such a thing as a ‘religiously neutral state’? What tensions have been at the root of the way states position themselves in relation to religion in the public sphere? Dr. Hans-Martien ten Napel will draw on examples from Europe and elsewhere around the world. His accent will be on the case of Great Britain where frameworks were proposed for accommodating differences and diversity in the public realm. Taking political traditions into account, he will explore religion in the public realm from an interdisciplinary perspective.”

You can watch the lecture here:

About Studium Generale:

“Studium Generale aims to encourage students and staff to think more critically, more clearly. About science, society and themselves. It seeks to prompt discussion of these subjects and, in so doing, to take the participants beyond the limits of their own disciplines, let them discover new perspectives, and encourage them to examine the ideas they hold.”



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