Comparative Constitutional Law, Democracy, Dutch Politics, Law and Religion, Public Theology, Whither Europe?

Article, ‘Why Europe needs a more post-liberal theory of religious liberty’

The abstract of the article reads as follows:

What is the attitude of European courts toward institutional religious autonomy? Their case law shows a mixed picture, with the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion sometimes weighing less heavily than other interests. One illustrative example is the recent ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union on ritual slaughter. The decision reflects the liberal-egalitarian approach that arguably characterizes European case law. That approach can be traced to a firm belief in ongoing secularization, which can lead to intolerance of religious convictions. The future of institutional religious autonomy in Europe is therefore uncertain.

Read the full article here:

The article forms part of a special issue of the International Journal for Religious Freedom on ‘Responding to secularism.’

For the other articles, see


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