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Summer reading and work in progress

Here is some of my summer reading for a new book after I finished my current list. The books stem from a list of introductory texts in natural law, Roman law, canon law, and legal history. Several other titles are on my Kindle; just Javier Hervada is rather tricky to get by here.

The book will be a kind of ‘Back-to-Basics.’ My current reading list included: Plato (The Laws), Aristotle (Politics), Cicero (The Treatise on the Laws), Aquinas (Treatise on Law), Hobbes (Leviathan), Locke (Second Treatise of Government), Montesquieu (The Spirit of the Laws), The Federalist Papers, Constant (Principles of Politics Applicable to All Governments), and Tocqueville (Democracy in America).

Other works in progress include:

– Postliberalisme (Postliberalism). – coeditor and coauthor.

– Tocqueville, Religion & Democracy. – coeditor and coauthor.

– ‘The European Courts, Secularism, and Religious Groups: The Recent Ruling on Ritual Slaughter as a Case in Point.’ – journal article.

– ‘Van natuurrechtelijk liberalisme tot algemeen welzijnsconstitutionalisme: de onverminderde betekenis van het natuurrecht voor de democratie (‘From Natural Law Liberalism to Common Good Constitutionalism: The Undiminished Significance of Natural Law for Democracy’). – tijdschriftartikel.

– ‘Artikel 6 Grondwet (Article 6 Constitution).’ in: Een nieuw commentaar op de Grondwet (A New Commentary on the Constitution).

Forthcoming (selection):

– ‘Natural Law and the Future of Human Rights,’ in Salvador Santino F. Regilme Jr. & I. Hadiprayitno (eds.), Human Rights at Risk. International Institutions, American Power, and the Future of Dignity (Rutgers University Press) (2022).

– ‘Liberal Democracy,’ Christoph Hübenthal, Christiane Alpers (eds.), T&T Clark Handbook of Public Theology(Bloomsbury Academic) (2022).

Happy Summer!


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