Comparative Constitutional Law, Democracy, Law and Religion, Religion and Politics

Workshop Law and Religion

Hans-Martien ten Napel Sofia Fernandes Da Silva Ranchordás Jaclyn Neo (National University of Singapore) Date 26 June 2017 Time 10:00 - 12:00  hrs. Address Kamerlingh Onnes Building Steenschuur 25 2311 ES Leiden Room A014 On June 26th, a small workshop on comparative law & religion will take place with Dr. Jaclyn Neo (National University of Singapore, Law School).… Continue reading Workshop Law and Religion

Comparative Constitutional Law, Law and Religion, Religion and Politics

Blogpost ‘Religious Freedom, Eastern Ethical Monism, and Western “Civic Totalism”‘

'Just like by the ethically monistic character of certain theoretizations of Confucian democracy, expressive liberty is threatened by a Western "civic totalism" that – as Galston puts it – "tacitly views public institutions as plenipotentiary".' Read about the background of this development in my new blogpost for Leiden Law Blog: