Comparative Constitutional Law, Democracy

Tutorial “The U.S. Constitution”

Such a privilege to be currently teaching an eight-week elective course on the U.S. Constitution for Master’s students in Constitutional and Administrative Law.

Read the tutorial description here:

Of course, it is extra fun to immerse oneself in American constitutional law in an election year. In this tutorial, however, we will not just go into current affairs. It offers a unique opportunity to deepen the subject matter treated during the sixth and seventh web lectures. For this purpose, during the privatissimum part, we will look for the theoretical principles of modern constitutionalism that guided the drafting of the American Constitution. We will also look at how these principles changed under the influence of progressivism in the 20th century. In the practical part, we will then discuss how the U.S. Constitution functions in practice. For this tutorial, the ebook The Constitution: An Introduction by Michael Stokes Paulsen and Luke Paulsen is required reading.

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