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Call for Papers, Panel on “Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism, and Abrahamic Religions,” ICLARS, Córdoba, 7-9 September 2020

I will be co-hosting a panel on “Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism, and Abrahamic Religions,” during the 6th conference of the International Consortium for Law and Religion Studies in Córdoba, Spain.

Co-chair of the panel is Dr. Leonard Taylor of The Institute of Technology Sligo and author of the forthcoming Catholic Cosmopolitanism and Human Rights (Cambridge University Press).

There is room for two more panelists. If you’re interested in presenting a paper, please feel free to drop me a note before the end of March (email address can be found in the Contact section of this website). 

Read the description of the panel here:

The positioning of cosmopolitanism in the Abrahamic religions provides an opportunity to explore the different kinds of political orders they propose, and how national and international orders are articulated in these traditions. Our focus relates to the nation-state and sovereignty because each tradition can emphasize nationalism and homeland but more likely have a rich cosmopolitan and international emphasis that transcends political boundaries. We query what impact does this cosmopolitan impulse in the Abrahamic religions have on public law, and the relationship between states, and nations. Both the history and development of our modern international order have challenged nationalist tendencies but new nationalist ideas have emerged again in response to the fragmentation of globalization. For example, Yoram Hazony’s provocative book on The Virtue of Nationalism has sought to argue against the arc that bridged the nation-state to cosmopolitan projects in the 20th century. He argues for nationalism and against contemporary forms of imperialism. In this panel, our engagement will take up such challenges, and encourage debate on forms of cosmopolitanism that clarify how new nationalism can be addressed today.

For more information on the conference generally, see:

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