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Forthcoming review essay of James K.A. Smith’s Cultural Liturgies

Following this year’s conference of the European Academy of Conference in Bologna, during which I co-chaired two successful panels on ‘Law and Religion: Public theology and natural law,’ I have been working on two articles on James K.A. Smith’s trilogy.

One, a revision, concerns a review essay in English, provisionally entitled ‘Theological medicine for liberal democracy.’ It is due to appear in the Journal of Markets and Morality later this spring.

The other is a piece in Dutch, on ‘Politieke theologie, natuurrecht en staatsrecht.’ As this was still a first draft which I submitted, we will have to wait and see where it goes from here.

I very much enjoyed working on both articles, however, and will continue to study and write on this topic for the next couple of months.

One reason for this is that, in order to fully grasp Smith’s trilogy, one also has to (re-)read Oliver O’ Donovan’s works The Desire of the Nations and The Ways of Judgment, Smith’s earlier book Introducing Radical Orthodoxy. Mapping a Post-secular Theology and, indeed, St. Augustine’s City of God.

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