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Press Release: ‘Twelve ILS seed money grants for frontier research at Leiden Law School’

‘Twelve researchers of our Law School have been awarded an ILS seed money grant. This grant enables researchers to create space for preparing a grant proposal for NWO, ERC or otherwise.

Given the impressive quality of the twelve applications received in response to the ILS seed money call, the Research Board advised to find ways to support all the applications. The Faculty Board has invested additional funds to make this possible. Each researcher that has received a grant has committed her- or himself to submitting a grant proposal and to publish at least one article on the research theme.

An overview of the grant writers and their research themes is provided in the table below. (…)

For more information on the research focus area Interaction between Legal Systems visit our website.

Applicant Research theme
Boom, W.H. van Litigation strategy and third party funder involvement
De Brabandere, E. The dynamics of arbitration institutions in investment treaty arbitration
Cuyvers, A. Beyond Brexit: New models of EU membership for a flexible and viable Union of 27
Dam-de Jong D.A. From war to peace: the contribution of international law to enhancing compliance with intra-state peace agreements
Jesse, M. Who ‘we’ really are and who ‘we’ want to be – Europe’s Reaction to the Refugee Crises: the envisioned project will look at legislative changes after the refugee crises to decipher underlying ideals and principles governing our societies
Kunst, M.J.J. Unlocking the international evidence base of “victim-oriented” legislation: A systematic and critical review of the literature
Leijten, I. Social rights cities
Liefaard, T. Access to justice for children: Understanding the concept and its significance for the effective protection of children’s rights in a pluralist world
Napel, H.M.T.D. ten Constitutional identity in a ‘Post-Truth, Post-West, Post-Order’ Era.
Ouwerkerk, J. What price EU defence rights? Exploring the need for a different division of costs in EU criminal justice cooperation
Rose, C.E. How transnational criminal law treaties influence the behaviour of states, in particular those treaties concerning corruption, organised crime, and terrorist financing
Sentse, M. Sociale netwerken binnen detentie: Correlaties en consequenties van de aard en mate van sociale contacten tussen gedetineerden

Source: Twelve ILS seed money grants for frontier research at Leiden Law School