Comparative Constitutional Law, Democracy, Dutch Politics

Affiliated Member, Center for the Study of Political Parties and Representation (CSPPR)


‘The Centre for the Study of Political Parties and Representation aims to serve as an interdisciplinary platform for scholars of Leiden University for research focusing on the historical and contemporary operation and functioning of political parties and political representation, with a particular emphasis on ‘Modern Political Parties in Flux’, i.e. the causes and consequences of the changing nature of political parties as intermediaries between society and the state.

The Centre’s mission is to build on and integrate the considerable knowledge and proficiency housed in the various institutes, to pursue new avenues of interdisciplinary research, to disseminate research findings among the academic community, relevant stakeholders as well as the broader public, and to become a nationally and internationally recognised centre of expertise in the field.

leiden-university-logoIn doing so, we draw upon and build on existing expertise at Leiden University’s Institutes of


  • The Centre hosts several research projects.
  • A joint speaker series in which members of the participating institutes and guest speakers present their work.
  • At least one public event per year, featuring speakers from the participating institutes and external speakers, targeting scholars, students, and the wider non-academic community.
  • PhD seminars for graduate students from participating institutes working on themes related to the Centre’s areas of interest.
  • Grant application seminars for members of the Centre, discussing joint and individual interdisciplinary research proposals for various national and European sources of funding on themes related to the Centre’s areas of interest.
  • Visiting fellowships, independently funded, for prominent scholars working on key themes linked to the Centre.’

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